About us

Our vision is to create an environment where our children are able to engage with their imagination, foster their creativity and build a well-rounded love for learning. We strive to ensure a safe, stress-free and supportive learning space. This encourages a lifelong learning in the child.

Our Philosophy

Children at Rainbow International are inimitable. We help shape our children to be resilient, curious, giving and good, as we believe from goodness arises greatness. We cultivate compassionate and confident young people.

Our Curriculum

We follow the Indian syllabus, Central Board of Secondary Education pattern that envisions a holistic curriculum in which students develop competence, confidence and practical skills. Ours is an appropriate and intellectual learning style.









Our History

Our journey towards coloring the future began in the year 2019. We started with only the kindergarten and now,
we are expanding our journey to primary school, one small step at a time. We have all the support of our kindergarten
family who are happy to see us grow. Our inspiration will always be first and foremost our children, their enthusiasm,
innocence and curiosity.

What we teach

We have carefully curated various text books from reputed publishing houses that will give them a holistic view of each subject. Apart from concentrating on regular subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Social, Computer Science, Tamil(Second language), Hindi(Second language) and Japanese.

We also give equal importance to: Creative writing, Art and craft, Reading (Library), Spoken English (Public speaking), Value education, Gym, Yoga and, Physical education.

What we do

Our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment, where children can gain a positive approach to school and learning while learning to care for and respect each other. To this end, many of our activities involve learning in a group while giving each child the freedom to explore their own creativity.

At Rainbow, children are enthusiastic to come to school every day. We want to foster this curiosity and confidence that will remain with them through their school life.