Our Teachers

Our vision is to create an environment where our children are able to engage with their imagination, foster their creativity and build a well-rounded love for learning. We strive to ensure a safe, stress-free and supportive learning space. This encourages a lifelong learning in the child.

We believe that learning is a lifelong journey and we incorporate inspiration and fun in all that we do. We extend a warm welcome to all parents, children and the community and share with you, our promise of quality education.



At RIS, we encourage a partnership with parents and professionals to provide a holistic approach. We are committed to providing a safe, caring and engaging environment to meet every child’s individual needs and interests. We believe in inspiring and motivating young minds to achieve their full potential through practical and fun-based learning. To this effect we focus on outdoor learning that includes field trips as well.

Teachers’ Profile

Ms. Merlin Josepha Michael, M.S.IET

Experience: 5 years

Strengths: My love for children drew me to teaching and I am  passionate about what I do. I adapt my style of teaching according  to my students in order to deliver consistent performances. I strive  to instill confidence, self-esteem and optimistic attitude in each  child.

Ms. Shikha, M.Sc, CELTA

Experience: 5 years

Strengths: Having worked at British Council at Chennai, India  for over 2.5 years, I have worked with children across all age  groups. I also believe that lessons should be student-centric and  this reflects in my classroom. I am extremely passionate about  promoting the reading habit in children and plan my lessons  keeping this in mind.

Ms. Sumithra, MCA

Experience: 4 years

Strengths: I enjoy working with children and believe that knowledge  is not derived just from text book but more from practical  applications. To this end, my classes are interactive and largely  activity driven.

Ms. Deepika Dua, MBA, B.Ed

Experience: 5 years

Strengths: I use my technical know-how in teaching students of  different grades. I incorporate modern methods of teaching and  focus on practical and logical knowledge rather than theoretical. I  also believe that motivation plays an important role in improving  students’ knowledge.

Ms. Archana Devulapally, B.E., B.Ed

Experience: 5 years

Strengths: I believe that when students are challenged with realistc goals and given support, they’ll be able to use those lessons to solve  real-life problems. I also create an inclusive classroom to inspire  and keep them motivated.

Ms. Shobhana Gomase, B.E., D.EI.Ed, Abacus trainer

Experience: 2 years

Strengths: Teaching is my passion. A teacher can inspire kids to thin  beyond their comfort zone. I believe on interactive and participative  teaching and learning process.

Ms. Kalpana Shinde, B.A- Language Teacher

Experience: 2 years

Strengths: I love work in a dynamic environment and enjoy training  the children in their language efficiently. I love infusing the passion  of a learning languages in the students as well. I explore different  teaching methods to make the learning interesting and efficient.

Ms. Thenmozhi, B.Tech- Admin Incharge

Experience: 1 year

Strengths: To work with a competitive environment that has innovative and challenging situations, where I can use my educational knowledge and software skills and work for the best of the institution and my career.