Art From Waste Day

Students were asked to bring waste material from home – newspapers, bottles, jars – and used them to make items like dolls and flower vases.

Obon Odori Celebration

Students and teachers wore the traditional dress and celebrated by dancing to three different dances. They also wrote their wishes and hung it on the bamboo tree.

Sports Day

Students put up a spectacular performance during their first annual Sports Day. They participated in drills, poses and formations and also took part in several races.

Story Telling Day

Students narrated stories to their friends in class and also listened to a story, narrated by Anagha Bharat, special educator in Mumbai, India.

Winter Concert

Our second winter concert was a medley of dance, music and drama. Our Sakura class participated in a fancy dress show and graders took part in a Christmas-themed skit, an environmental play, regional and western dances.